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Helen Bligh

'Out of all the coaches that I have had the privilege of working with, Natalia asks the questions that stimulates alternative ways of thinking the most. And that is what everyone needs from their Coach.'

Rozalyn Willocks

'I am truly grateful to have Natalia as my coach. Her unique blend of compassion and directness creates a supportive environment where I feel both understood and challenged. Natalia possesses the remarkable ability to ask concise, powerful questions that cut through the noise and guide me to the heart of any issue. 

Through regular coaching sessions, Natalia has been instrumental in helping me build self-confidence and redirect my focus towards my strengths. Her quidance has been transformative, and I appreciate her unwavering commitment to my personal and professional growth.

Natalia is not just a coach, but a trusted mentor whose insights I deeply respect. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a coach who brings a perfect balance of empathy and effectiveness to the coaching relationship.'

Sheryl Naidu

'Natalia’s professional background comes through in her coaching, which I find sets her apart from other coaches. I know whatever I bring to the session, she’s focused on getting me to my end goal.
I feel really comfortable in her presence, and I appreciate that she gives me the space to delve deeper into my thoughts.
For me, I find Natalia has great balance of empathy and understanding whilst being results focused.'

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